Zumba  Mondays at 6pm TO LOSE IT, YOU´VE GOT TO MOVE IT! 

FREE ZUMBA CLASS. Buy 6 get 1 FREE which works out to only $10/class. No appointment necessary, just turn up & join in. Casual Class is $12. Its so much fun moving to a great variety of cool beats, it hardly seems like a work-out. Beginners made very welcome.  No dance ability required, just move as best you can & feel those kilos melting away. Get fit & toned fast by coming to regular classes. Join our fun group, who always welcome newcomers & love their Zumba. Some have been coming for many years & hate to miss a class. With Zumba you will dance to captivating Rhythms that make you want to move. It is a work out but it just feels like a fun dance party. You will do lots of actual dance moves to Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Calypso, Tango, Flamenco, Rock, Bollywood & more & we change the routines regularly.

Our lovely Zumba teacher is Liselle. Liselle started with us over 12 years ago as a dance teacher & her gregarious personality & fun instruction is why many keep coming back. Feel welcomed at your first trial lesson onwards & of course the kilos will soon start dissappearing.

It is more about getting a work-out, than looking good doing the dance moves. You can either go for it or moderate your moves to suit your own level. No one cares as they are concentrating on themselves & the teacher.  When Liselle introduces new routines they all laugh "you want us to do what!" Such a fun social bunch. Beginners are made very welcome, as well those trying us out from elsewhere. Simply turn up in your gym gear (bring water) & join the party!  The most fun way to get fitter & lose kilos ever! If you live S.O.R. between Fremantle & Applecross & Cockburn we are just around the corner. Turn west at the Stock Rd lights near Harvey Norman & Snooze.