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Most wedding receptions have dance floors 5m x 4m or smaller. This is too small for a Waltz but ideal for a Rumba (Rumba is a Latin love dance). You can also do Salsa, Tango, Jive or even Jazz or a mixture on this size floor, depending on your abilities & the music.

2. Coordination is important for a choreographed dance & is more difficult after a long day, alcohol, sore feet, build up of nerves & tiredness. Wedding dances are usually done after the cutting of the cake which leaves about an hour before its time to depart. One idea is to do the wedding dance on arrival while the Photographer & Video guy are still there ~ The M.C. says ” Everyone upstanding to welcome Mr & Mrs ….. & then says “they are starting proceedings with their wedding dance”. This is different but the benefits include; You are still sober, the bride´s dress can be arranged (with assistance from bridesmaids) so she can dance in it before entering, It sets a party atmosphere for the night & gives guests something to talk about (usually enthusiastically). Afterwards you can both relax & have a drink, It will put you both on a natural high afterwards for the whole night … especially when many guests keep telling you how great it was. When dancing starts later on, the whole bridal party goes on the floor (incl parents).

3. Brides – Your dress is usually cumbersome to dance in … get it ready, so you can. One couple learnt a fabulous wedding dance but couldn´t dance at all on the big day because of the bride´s dress. This is important, get it ready for the dance or change the dress for dancing.

4. So sad hearing stories of couples who did a great wedding dance but failed to get it captured on film – flat battery, no film, video guy was in the toilet & so on. Often the dance is a highlight of the wedding, so have a back-up video person & get it on film.

5. Shhh!! The wedding dance can surprise & delight if it is a surprise, so keep it a secret or at the very least downplay it “we just learnt a basic Waltz”. Mum´s are lovely but can they keep a secret? Some mums have shed a tear at the dance as its been a surprise.

6. Perfect practice makes perfect & gives you more confidence. It is better to practice 5 times for 10 mins than 50 mins straight (brain drain). It also stops you thinking about every other little detail & is de-stressing….keep it fun.

7. Keep it simple! Often the bride wants to aim for wonderment doing the dance & this stresses out the guy. Keep it easy & its more fun & less stressful for everyone. You can have lifts, spins, dips, arm styling & some fancy, funky moves as a highlight but not the whole dance – unless you have 15 hours to learn it?

8. Music selection. If you can tap your foot to the beat & its not slow or too fast we can dance easier to it. Just singing with hardly any music is the most difficult to dance too. Try walking to the speed you would tap too. Is it comfortable or fast or slow? Dancing is basically moving to the tempo of the music

9. Guys ….relax! Brides are the star, so guys do a lot less on the dance floor. WA's Best wedding Dance Package Deal - 3 x 1 hr Lessons plus $100 voucher - only $360. Book here >