Pricing & Testimonials

 TAKE FEWER LESSONS with us & save big $$!  Thousands of couples taught means we can do it better & quicker.

"Fair dinkum, we take a lot less time to get the best outcome. With an experienced team, who have been doing it since 1996." Some have booked elsewhere & done 6 lessons with average results. We hardly ever do more than three. Book our most popular & WA's best wedding dance package 3 x 1 hour lessons plus BIG BONUS - $100 Gift Voucher as wedding gift. Book here >

Cool, Jazzy, Beautiful, Smooth, Sultry, Dazzling, Amazing, Easy & Flowing, Easy & Neat, Fast & Spectacular? What style do you want? No contracts, no sales talk & our prices are here for you to see. Most others hide theirs until you call & get their sales pitch. We teach around 200 wedding couples a year & almost 50% are from referral.... our reputation speaks for itself. We protect our reputation by putting a super big effort into every couple we teach. Most couples do 3 lessons & are amazed how much they can do in such a short time & yes quite a few really go for it.  We usually do an entrance, some special moves & a finish (not just a dance) Lessons are a full 1 hour (not 45 or 55 minutes). This is a "wedding" dance lesson not just a dance lesson.  First meeting includes a dance prowess & music selection analysis, so we know how far to go within your abilities & which dance styles will suit you best & easiest. The first lesson is $140. Subsequent lessons are $120. Wedding parties are $140. Wedding parties of 8 or more we recommend 2 teachers @ $240. This gets quick easy results. Most wedding parties only need 1 hour to learn a fun dance, with twirls, lots of swapping & cool moves.  Other studios often take 3 hours. It is our teachers skills & experience that makes the difference. For a different & awesome wedding dance ~ try Tango! Book On-line

Testimonials Galore are available. Here is just a few. "It went off brilliantly – with appropriate whoops when I took Craig’s jacket off – and gasps with the dip at the end. Thank you so much for helping us put together such a manageable, flirty and fun dance, we got lots of compliments and it really kicked the dancing off on a fun note!" Best regards, Emma and Craig

"All we could hear were claps & cheers. We will remember this experience for ever" Rod & Sarah

"Excellent teaching style, made it very easy to learn. I´m sure our wedding dance will be a blast" Alan & Belinda - Danced to "Only you"

"Very good teacher - made it easy to learn and fun" Frank & Amanda - Danced to "Into my arms"

"Thank you it´s great, we feel we have something special to begin our memories with. Chris & Sharon - Danced to - "Unchained Melody"

"Our day wouldn’t be as special without your help. Thank you so much for teaching us to do more than just sway! It was such a beautiful moment in our special day, one that we will cherish forever. So many of our friends and family LOVED our dance and said we looked magical. (Luckily no one could tell we were both stepping on my dress, risking a “pull down” hehe). Thank you so much again. Would recommend you to any couple. We have been talking about joining a dance class soon too. Much love, Geoffrey and Samantha"