Wikipedia - A ball is a formal dance party. Well it used to be? Most school balls are centred around everything else but the dancing. The Senior Schools we teach at choose a venue with a decent size dance floor & the dancing is the highlight. Sorry but if your school just has the kids jumping up & down there is no comparison to the elegance of seeing the students dancing in a structured format.

Guys need structure to get "dance confidence" as they really don't know what to do other wise. We bring enough teachers & put in a huge effort to get great results. Be impressed by what we can do in even just a few lessons. BOOK US IN TERMS 1, 2 or 3 & get BIG DISCOUNTS especially for multiple classes.

Dear Wayne,

I am going to have to say that this group danced better than any group I have seen before at a Ball...and I have been here 24 years!!

They didn´t even need to be counted in on several occasions, they just all started off at the right time and in sync! Spectacular to watch!

They absolutely loved the sets of "formal" dancing and were all up on the dance floor and dancing enthusiastically. Some of the boys said that they wished we had done more formal dancing on the night.

Thanks for your wonderful efforts,

sincerely, Sam Emslie,

Maybe you can be praised for hiring us this year & have your Year 12 Ball, stand out from the crowd!