SALSAlicious Beginners course.

SALSA with Bonus Bachata.  The dance everyone is raving about & everyone wants to learn. Finally you have a course designed by professional teachers with  easier to achieve learning. cool moves like Cucaracha, Sombreo, Butterfly, Cumbia, Salsa Spin, Flashkick & lots more.

Simply an awesome course. We teach the basics & make it easy & then add cool moves. Each move is broken into step by step sections so it's easy to follow. We even let you video the moves after every lesson as a reminder, how good is that? Experienced patient teachers that make it lots of fun & as easy as possible. 

5 x Mondays 8pm to 9pm  on Mondays for 5 weeks. Starts August 22  $100 (partners free or solo & get an experienced partner supplied Book here >

Yes, we are a little bit different to other studios. Rather than do boring routines we teach guys to lead & ladies to follow. This means our dancers can dance with anybody. Chances are you will meet people you know or recognise as thousands of people have walked in & danced out. Come say hello & be welcomed at Cutlers Dance.