Private Lessons

elegant dance look WeddingLEARN IN THRICE THE TIME WITH MORE TECHNIQUE! Social Dancing, Medals, Dance Sport.

Private Lessons with Cutlers are outstanding value & ideal for FIFO or shift workers. PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS ARE THE BEST WAY TO LEARN.
You will be delighted at the professional & organised way we go about lessons. Learn at your pace, not ours. Students find they learn with so much more clarity & confidence at Cutlers due to the advanced teaching methods we use to ensure results, rather than confusion. Trained dance teachers, not dancers doing a bit of teaching. The difference is bigger than most imagined.
The effort we put in to make sure you succeed comes from our own desires to be the best teachers in W.A. No contracts, no sales pitch & our prices are here for you to see. Learn 3 times quicker with more technique & understanding with private lessons. None of our top dancers got there without private lessons. Lessons are $90 (1 or 2 people) Extra people are $10 each. Lessons are 45 minutes or get a full hour for $120. FREE – Get 1 Free lesson for every 2 if purchased as a block. Save $90 or $120. Limited Offer so be prompt.

FIFO workers are looked after with times to suit & bonus offers. Ask us what we can do for you.that is ideal for fly in, fly out & shift workers. Learn as a couple or solo. Guys become super popular with the ladies by being confident on the dance floor. Ladies, what if you get asked up? How will you go? We specialise in teaching Leading & Following techniques so our students can dance easily with any partner. Book any time when we are not already booked. You can be amazed how quickly you will become confident at dancing in any style. Definitely the best way to learn.
Make your first move, now. Available at O’Connor  by appointment. Pre-book & pay here > Booking Link & use as a gift voucher.