9th Holiday for Dancers in Vietnam August 2020

Everyone raves over our Dance Holiday Events. First bookings are always repeat. Do yourself a favour & get in early for this one. Life is too short to deprive yourself of such fun memorable times.

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED!  We are hoping to reimburse everybody soon.

Pay in full to Vietnam Dance Holiday Bsb 066165 A/C 10092019.

Bonus Group Room Rates if you stay longer (recommended). Rates below are inclusive of all above. Except air fares. 19 Bookings already & most are staying extra nights or at least one night earlier.  16 bookings from previous participants & 3 new bookings, so far.                                                                                                                                                                                

Deluxe Room – Two people $3300.         Solo $2800       Extra Nights   145

Super Deluxe – Two people $3400.         Solo $2900       Extra Nights   160

Royal Deluxe – Two people $3500.         Solo $3000        Extra Nights   175

Deluxe Suite – Two people $3700          Solo $3200         Extra Nights    220

For lots of extra information please clink on the FACEBOOK link below:
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