You can dance all ready & are considering trying us out….. Welcome to “Cutlers”. May we suggest you contact us my email or phone & let us introduce you to one of the most social & fun dance schools in WA. Fun is our emphasis but we are very serious on ensuring the continued progress of all our dancers. We often suggest 1 Private Lesson so we can recommend the right level for you. Every Dance School’s Medals or Levels are different.

FANTASTIC DANCE coaches are available as well as MEDAL PROGRAMS – contact us for details.

Sometimes dancers find our style of leading & following rather than routines a more logical & interesting way to dance. Once learned, they love it & their confidence increases dramatically. At Cutler’s Dance you can dance at our studio every Saturday night in a friendly atmosphere on a good size floor to great music. Isn’t that really what it is all about? We have regular events & fun activities.  You will find the teachers patient, knowledgeable & keen for you to progress with confidence & understanding. So do it…… Consider trying Cutlers Dance.dance & sleep