Beginners Latin, Swing/Jive & Ballroom. 5 x Tuesdays. Super Deal & guaranteed results! Save $200.

Dirty Dancing pic liftHOW MUCH MOTIVATION DO YOU NEED? Starts Feb 5. Finally do it & start dancing. There is no excuse left to put it off yet again with this awesome offer. Be dance ready for weddings, parties, balls, cruises, everything.
This course is so easy & so much fun most students continued after doing the beginners course, last time.  Forget work – DANCE ~ Fun & Therapy in one. Easy booking link >  Book here

THE BEST & EASIEST DANCE COURSE IN W.A. (teens to 65+ welcome) Near Fremantle in O’Connor & not far from Perth either. Easy enough for those with 2 left feet. Carefully selected dance styles so you can dance to most music after just one course. So many put it off & then wish they had done it sooner. Next course starts Feb 5.  Click to book

Learn the most popular & useful dances that can be used in many social situations. Start with the easiest moves. Get good basics & then you can learn anything. Amazing the number of people that have put it off for 10, 20, up to 30+ years & they all say “wish we had started sooner”. Book today at big beginner savings, so there is no excuse. We don’t swap partners, only singles swap. This course is for Absolute Beginners & anyone can join. (12 to 65+.) Bring your family & friends, wedding groups welcome.

O´Connor: 30 Stockdale Rd. So many tell us our lessons were easy to follow and all are quite surprised at how quickly they learn & gain confidence to dance anywhere.  You are thinking ~ well that won’t be me … but we promise, yes, it will, give us a try. Read our reviews > FaceBook reviews. Our last Beginners course got most participants continuing – that’s proof, how easy & fun we make it.

Beginners ‘easy as’  Course. $100 & partner is FREE. Singles may get an experienced partner & still save $30. 

1. 5 WEEK Latin, Swing/Jive & a touch of essential Ballroom. Starts Feb 5 Tuesday 7pm – 8.30pm. Normally it is $150 each or $300/couple for 7.5 hrs of lessons. Now is your big chance to try us for only $100 & your partner is FREE ( Save $200). Singles get looked after too at only $70ea (save $80) & we will endeavour to supply an experienced partner.  Come every Tuesday for 5 weeks & then go to Level Two if you’ve enjoyed it. Most love it & are amazed they can now dance after just 5 lessons. Very easy moves in Rumba, Swing/Jive, Bachata & Waltz. Salsa is in our Level Two course because its harder. Book now, We limit numbers so we can assist more. Lots of revision, lots of help & practice time too. Yes, it’s easy, Yes, we supply water, Yes, we will have 2 teachers each night, Yes, we have eftpos. Yes, its great exercise & good therapy. Yes, you can join in our social nights including Xmas & N.Y.E. dances & our Bali dance Holiday too.

Very easy booking link > Book here

Forgot to enrol? Call Carol 0420 997 004 & see if we still have space. Now, is the best time to learn.

Where we are > Map Link. Wear neat casual clothes. Shoes should be solid (not sandals). Sneakers are ok. Heels aren’t required.  

We make it as easy as walking & very social. so walk in & dance out! Enrol for our next course soon.  Be dance ready for Weddings, Parties, Cruises, Anything. Expect impressive learning that lasts. Gift vouchers available > Click here