dance & sleepMost Saturdays come join our Social Party Night.  Visitors welcome. 8pm – 11.30. Come practice your dance moves. 

Just imagine sitting at a table with other dancers who are very sociable. You look at your Dance List to see what music is playing & the type of dance recommended. Latin – Bachata, Salsa/Mambo, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba. Rock n Roll – Swing/Jive/Lindy, Ballroom – Foxtrot (slow rhythm), Waltz, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz, Tango. With up to 60 dances during the night you select your favourites & dance. In-between dances chat, enjoy a drink or watch the other dancers until your selection comes along. We are adding a bit of New Vogue in 2018. Some nights we teach variations & often do a couple of line dances. Expect the best music we can find. The atmosphere is very friendly & not the least bit threatening. Recommended for couples or mixed groups. If you learn elsewhere you are still very welcome to practice here as we have an open door policy.

Most Saturdays 8pm – 11.30. Social Dancing $30/couple. New Music every couple of weeks. Special moves taught on many nights.

Mar 17 Sat 8 – 11.30pm St Patricks Day Dance. Selected Irish music. Come at 7.30pm to learn Irish Charms. A fun night for sure. Green is the word. Lots of cool latin, Ballroom & Swing/jIve music. Free cuppa & light supper. $15ea

Mar 24 Sat 8 – 11.30pm Big Event  – Live Music, Super Supper, Special guests. $25ea

Mar 31 EASTER SATURDAY DANCE 8 – 11.30pm $15ea Special Supper includes: * Lots of Chocolate * Wonderful Fruits * Free tea & coffee  & a New Bachata Folk Dance taught during the night.